Easy Money Saving Challenges

Easy Money Saving Challenges

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52 Week Money Saving Challenge

This money saving challenge is a great way to start saving up for the holidays or a vacation you have planned a year out from the date.

After the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge is up you will have a total $1378 saved up!

52 Week Money Saving Challenge v2

The 52 Week Money Saving Challenge v2 is just like the original 52 Week Money Savings Challenge.

The difference is that instead of starting at $1 and incrementing $1 each week, you start at $2 and increment $2 each week.

This challenge will leave you with $2,652 at the end of the year.

$100 in 30 Days Savings Challenge

With this easy money savings challenge you work your way up to $5 per day, by the end of 30 days you have $100 saved up.

Repeat this each month for a year and you have $1200. Or continue on saving $5 for the remainder of the year and have a total of $1775 by years end!

$100 30 Days Savings Challenge. Save $100 in 30 days using this day by day savings plan.

26 Paychecks to $1000 Money Savings Challenge

This money saving challenge works if you get paid bi-weekly and want to save $1000 in a year long period.

This is a great savings challenge to use for saving up a Christmas fund or a vacation spending fund that you know is coming up in a year.

With this savings challenge you start off saving $26 and increase $1 each time you add more to your savings going up to $50.

Save $1000 in a year using this bi-weekly savings challenge.

The Spare Change Challenge

With this money saving challenge, there is no way to tell how much you will end up with at the end of it.

The goal of this challenge is to take all your spare change throughout the year and save it. The easiest way to do this is to figure out where you put your spare change at the end of the day and get a piggy bank or jar and just throw it in there.

This may not sound like much of a savings, but if you pay cash for everything, the change can add up quickly!

And if you aren’t a cash user, and use your debit card most of the time you can still do this challenge. There are savings apps you can use to round up your purchases so the “change” can go into a savings account.

Change Saving Apps: